Our History

Since 2014 Climate Saver Solutions (CSS) has set out to turn the page on conventional wisdom and design in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry to create a heating and cooling system which would break through all the barriers which have kept efficiency ratings down. The unwavering focus to build a unit so smart it would virtually learn from its own mistakes and attempt to improve every cycle thereafter, to create a system that would work with the environment instead of against it.

At CSS, we recognize that the HVAC industry has trailed other markets in terms of developing innovative, new solutions to move the industry forward. If you attended an HVAC trade show today, the bulk of the technology you would see would not be dissimilar from what was being produced forty years ago. Today’s units are slightly more efficient, mostly driven by minimum requirements of the government, but the method of heating and cooling is largely the same as it was decades ago.

Some industry-wide developments have been made with “smart” thermostats allowing for remote starting of the unit, but the actual heating/cooling process remains the same. The “smart” thermostats are merely a fancy on/off switch. CSS instead places the emphasis on making the HVAC equipment smarter, not the switch, by incorporating a system that drives incredible efficiencies through a process that converts ambient light to thermal energy while also integrating the latest in Artificial Intelligence (Al) and learning technology. The result of our mission is the Climate Saver Heat Pump, a unit that stands as an advancement in HVAC technology unseen before today.

Once designed, the unit was certified as the only green, renewable energy HVAC unit with a ICC-SRCC OG-100 designation, meaning that it is a certified solar thermal collector capable of meeting the rigorous standards and passing the relevant tests to be designated as such. This designation makes the Climate Saver eligible for significant tax incentives from federal, state and all the way down to some individual localities.

Given the significant reduction in power required to operate the Climate Saver Heat Pump as compared to traditional units, there is a significant potential for positive environmental impact. Assembled in the USA in Macon, Georgia, the Climate Saver is a true breakthrough in technology for a technologically stagnant industry. Field tested units have been in operation for over two years now with dramatic results. At CSS, we set out with a vision to make an impact on the world through providing a totally unique approach to HVAC. The Climate Saver Heat Pump is an innovative, money-saving solution to numerous problems that face us all. Contact us today to learn more.