The Climate Saver heat pump is an evolutionary leap for the HVAC industry, achieving levels of efficiency in both heating and cooling modes never seen before in this sector. What differentiates the Climate Saver from all other HVAC systems is its use of our proprietary thermal cell absorption technology. This technology allows the system to capture and concentrate ambient light as thermal energy to drastically reduce the amount of electricity and fossil fuels needed to run the system. Unlike other solar technologies that generate electricity from the sun, the Climate Saver captures heat from the light to replace the electricity needed to run the system. There are a bevy of features and operational advantages that make the Climate Saver unique in the market:

  • System minimizes its electrical draw from the power grid by utilizing green renewable energy for operation

  • Unlike solar photovoltaic technologies, the Climate Saver captures and concentrates ambient light into useful energy; it does not require direct sunlight to do this and can be placed in any location, even a north facing shady area

  • The Climate Saver stores captured renewable energy for up to 12 hours so the system can run at peak efficiency throughout the night

  • Variable speed inverter technology allows the system to cycle on gradually and adjust to changing conditions to ensure the system is operating as efficiently as possible, without any power surge

  • The system can be operated using a small portable generator in the event of a power outage

  • Operates very quietly, with sound levels tested as low as 40 decibels

  • Uses machine learning and diagnostic tools to evaluate and adapt its internal settings to achieve maximum efficiency as well as anticipate potential maintenance issues before they occur

  • Companion application available for tablets or smartphones allowing the installer to monitor the operation of the system in real time

*We recommend including a surge protector at time of install. The variable speed inverter compressor with 40 stages uses a PC Board that is susceptible to voltage spikes. The surge protector will protect the PC Board from any damage that may be caused by a voltage spike, brownouts, power outage or lightning strikes. The warranty could be voided if a surge protector is not installed on a Climate Saver system.
Key Breakthrough

Utilizing its thermal cell absorption technology, the Climate Saver heat pump can operate in sub-zero temperatures, bringing heat pump efficiencies to regions of the country that were previously too cold to benefit from it. Due to the way traditional heat pumps operate, once the air temperature drops below a certain level, they cannot effectively generate heat due to the lack of heat in the air and require a secondary system to kick on in order to keep the home heated. The Climate Saver technology bypasses this limitation with the conversion of ambient light into thermal energy allowing for functionality literally never available before.


The Climate Saver is unique in that it is a combination of high efficiency heat pump technology and solar thermal technology, each aspect independently certified by AHRI and ICC/SRCC respectively. When combining the results of the AHRI certification and the ICC/SRCC OG 100 certification, the Climate Saver achieves an effective EER up to 21, an effective HSPF up to 16.4 and an impressive effective SEER of up to 40*, essentially double that of the most efficient alternative on the market today. In addition, the Climate Saver has been through an extensive internal testing regimen, compared to both conventional HVAC and high efficiency systems on the market today. The results are overwhelming and show that, metric after metric, the Climate Saver is in a class of its own.

Heat pumps can be a great alternative to a furnace in that they don’t burn any fossil fuels (great for the environment and your utility bills), heating your home using electricity by moving warm air into your house from the outdoors. Heat pumps can transfer 300% more energy than they consume, while the highest efficiency furnace can only transfer 95%. The drawback of traditional heat pumps is that as the temperature drops into the thirties and below it is harder to heat a home efficiently and secondary heating coils are used which are extremely inefficient. A dual fuel system, which is common in more northern regions of the country, has a furnace that takes over responsibilities from the heat pump when the temperatures drop. The Climate Saver Heat Pump is revolutionary in that even at sub-zero temperatures it maintains its ability to heat your home at peak efficiency without the need for a backup furnace.

* The unique nature of the Climate Saver heat pump requires efficiency testing by two separate certification bodies. AHRI tests the heat pump efficiency without the thermal cell component, while ICC/SRCC tests the thermal cell component independently. The scientific relationship of heat to pressure enables us to convert the ICC/SRCC results into an effective SEER/EER/HSPF which is combined with the AHRI certified SEER/EER/HSPF to generate the overall effective results we have achieved in testing.


Whereas typical climate-saving technologies come at a significant expense to the consumer, The Climate Saver Heat Pump offers multiple ways for homeowners to save, resulting in a product that saves customers money over the life of the product. In addition to utilizing significantly less power and thus reducing the power bill to the consumer, it is the only residential HVAC product to be ICC-SRCC OG-100 certified, meaning the Climate Saver Heat Pump is eligible to receive significant tax credits (26% through 2022, 22% in 2023).

From energy-saving federal tax credits to unprecedented efficiencies, the Climate Saver quite simply saves consumers money. Local and State tax breaks (depending on location) offer additional saving opportunities as well.

Installation Advantages

The Climate Saver is one of the most flexible high-efficiency heat pumps on the market. Thanks to its non-communicating (the intelligence features are built into the outdoor unit enabling it to adjust to any conditions) inverter technology our outdoor condenser units are compatible with traditional one and two stage indoor air handlers enabling users to keep their existing indoor units if desired. Of course, Climate Saver Solutions can supply indoor air handlers as well as thermostats for a full system replacement.

Installation Features

  • Installation similar to a fixed speed system

  • Only two control wires required

  • No need to add communication wire or insulate the liquid line

  • Auto charge feature helps prevent over or under charging the system. Ideal refrigerant coefficient: 0.4-0.6. This data can be read from PCB or ESS app