Climate Saver Solutions announces the distribution of its Climate Saver Air Conditioner/Heat Pump with groundbreaking green technology, propelling the HVAC industry to the forefront of the battle on climate change

Climate Saver Solutions (CSS) proudly introduces its breakthrough Climate Saver AC/Heat Pump, an affordable green HVAC system positioned to dramatically reduce the energy consumption required for home cooling and heating. Utilizing its proprietary thermal cell absorption technology, the Climate Saver captures and concentrates ambient light into heat energy, greatly diminishing the electricity needed to produce as much cooling as the most efficient conventional units on the market today. “One of the great aspects of our unit,” according to VP of Marketing Arthur Isaacs, “is that unlike solar panels the Climate Saver does not require direct sunlight to gather the natural energy it utilizes, and can be placed anywhere outside a home or building.” As impressive as the Climate Saver’s efficiency is in cooling mode, its reduction in the use of fossil fuels when in heating mode is even more significant. The Climate Saver also distinguishes itself from other heat pumps in its ability to operate at peak efficiency at temperatures well below zero degrees making heat pump technology available to regions of the country previously too cold for its use. Adopters of this breakthrough system can benefit financially from significantly reduced electric and fossil fuel bills, a 26% federal tax rebate, as well as potential state and local incentives, all the while reducing their carbon footprint and energy drain on an already taxed power grid. Neil Perel, CEO of CSS says, “in addition to its energy saving functions, the Climate Saver lacks the initial power surge when cycling on, commonly associated with traditional air conditioning systems. Our system’s significant reduction in electric consumption paired with its lack of surge could greatly reduce the toll on the currently outdated power grid. In a time when so many of us are working and learning from home we are excited to provide a solution that allows the nation to reduce its carbon footprint even as we increase our energy consumption.”

The Climate Saver was introduced to the HVAC industry in the spring of 2020 as the only air conditioning and heat pump system to combine green ICC-SRCC OG-100 certified technology with state of the art DC inverter variable speed heat pump compressors, making it the only HVAC system eligible for the same tax credits and rebates associated with green renewable technologies such as solar panels, wind and hydro systems.

For more information on the Climate Saver, please visit the website: or call 1-800-760-CLIMATE

Contact: Neil Perel